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Lost in the silence as I hear the wind blow,
Against my face around my ears.
This is the sound to never fear.
As I stand and feel my face,
so numb I can’t stand the sight of it.
I was wearing the mask to hide myself.
But when I step the fuck up,
I will never hide myself again.
Dreaming of the shadows.
Sleeping in the shallows.
I have never seen these sights.
The demons that follow us.
Down the road that goes to.

Nowhere to go, no place.
I will stay here, and make the blind lead their own way home.

And we’re blinded by the light as we follow them on their stray paths.
But when we fall we land on our two feet.
If we had the chance we will see our true fate.
People can you see this?
Can you hear us?
Scream, yell, and sing as our lungs go tighter.
Across the sky is where I can see you fly.
Like the birds, as we sing to the moon.

You will see the hypocrites this world has to offer.
You will see the selfish moves made by even you.
This is a poorly treated reality.

Smile into the night I shall remain here,
with a promise to keep.
And a life to live.
Inspirations surround me.
As I feel the breeze against my face.
I know I can see my own fate.
This has become something new.
But do we know if it can be true.
As we gaze upon the sky.
Float in the air.
And fly up high.
We’re in the skies as they burn.
Why do you haunt me?
Why do you taunt me?
With no remorse and dismay.
This world comes crumbling down.Into the depths of hell.

Oh how selfish to think as I save myself.
No care in the world of my surroundings.
But can’t you see this is what they’re doing to us.
Making us live, the lives we live.Work, pay, fuck. As this world is blank enough.
And empty just like our souls.
When will we wake up and see the true colours in our eyes?
Oh fuck, will I see the end tonight?

Will I see the end tonight?Will I see the end tonight?

Can you see what is wrong with humanity?
And the dead side of the world?
How blinded they are by our new economy.
Really? Is this what we’re going to live with?

I have seen these sights down the road as I walk,
as I walk near.
Can you hear?
The screams that are soon fading.
I need to get out, get out of this dying world.

While everyone is lying.
It’s tiring to think we were chosen.
To live as one.
How are we still even breathing?
Now everyone is talking.
Those words are deafening.
But even in the day, their lives are ending.


from ATMOS EP, released October 19, 2013



all rights reserved


To The Gallows Melbourne, Australia

we're 6 dudes from Melbourne trying to make music for you all

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